Welcome to my Portfolio

This portfolio will demonstrate my knowledge and skills with the CEC standards. So take some time and review my reflections about my knowledge and skills.
Building this portfolio, I was also able to consider ways to use portfolios in the classroom. I am currently an Associate Professor in Special Education and Educational Technology. I received my masters degree from the University of Virginia. I taught in resources classrooms for 14 years working with students with learning disabilities and emotional behavior disorders. My reflections and artifacts reflect my experiences with students and in the classroom. I used the CEC knowledge and skills in my teaching. **

Cheryl's teacher face

In 2012 the Council for Exceptional Children published the newly revised standards for initial special education teachers reducing the number of standards from ten to seven. This portfolio reflects on the following seven standards.

CEC Initial Level Special Educator Preparation Standards

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 1: Learner Development and Individual Learning Differences

1.0 Beginning special education professionals understand how exceptionalities may interact with development and learning and use this knowledge to provide meaningful and challenging learning experiences for individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 2: Learning Environments

2.0 Beginning special education professionals create safe, inclusive, culturally responsive learning environments so that individuals with exceptionalities become active and effective learners and develop emotional well-being, positive social interactions, and self-determination.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 3: Curricular Content Knowledge

3.0 Beginning special education professionals use knowledge of general and specialized curricula to individualize learning for individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 4: Assessment

4.0 Beginning special education professionals use multiple methods of assessment and data-sources in making educational decisions.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 5: Instructional Planning and Strategies

5.0 Beginning special education professionals select, adapt, and use a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies to advance learning of individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 6: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice

6.0 Beginning special education professionals use foundational knowledge of the field and the their professional Ethical Principles and Practice Standards to inform special education practice, to engage in lifelong learning, and to advance the profession.

CEC Initial Preparation Standard 7: Collaboration

7.0 Beginning special education professionals collaborate with families, other educators, related service providers, individuals with exceptionalities, and personnel from community agencies in culturally responsive ways to address the needs of individuals with exceptionalities across a range of learning experiences.

To the students in EDEX 750, I have not really put in my reflections and artifacts. You each need to consider what each standard means to you and then what you have completed that would be a demonstration of your knowledge or skill related to that standard. **